What Diet to Follow if You Have Herpes

Herpes Simplex Virus or HSV is known to cause blisters around the mouth or genitals area of the body. It results in symptoms such as pain, itching, fever, or fatigue. Therefore, it is essential to take care of yourself if you’re having herpes, and a healthy diet is certainly a crucial part of that. Though there is a treatment for herpes infection, some people have herpes and have found that avoiding high amino acid arginine may help in reducing the recurrence. This is usually found in foods, such as chocolate, different types of nuts, excessive coffee, red wine, or smoking. Evidently, when we eat anything in excess, it can be harmful to our health. So, just don’t beat yourself up.

For this, it is essential to maintain an overall hale and hearty lifestyle, which can make a difference to a certain extent. The herpes simplex virus is known to react inversely in different people’s bodies.

Food, Immunity, and Cold Sores

Having a well-balanced and nutritious diet supports your immune system, especially at the time when you get cold sores. The herpes simplex virus causes cold sores as it lies inactive in nerve cells in your skin. The most common causes of it are viral infections and fevers. People with weak immunity are at a risk. Therefore, we need to eat a healthy diet to support immunity, which is important for your lip as well as overall health. Though nutritional recommendations differ for every individual, there are some dos and don’ts on diets to back your immune health


  • . Have a nutritious diet of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein.
  • . Include food with essential nutrients such as vitamin C, D, zinc, iron, and protein.
  • . High-fibre foods or probiotics and prebiotics food help support your gut health.


  • . Dodge ultra-processed foods that badly influence the immune system.
  • . Restrict your consumption of refined sugar

What Are the Finest Foods for Herpes?

There are skin medications for treating herpes, such as Valtrex 500mg online, but along with it having nutritious food has been an effective solution. Though there is no food that makes the cold sores disappear immediately, including certain food such as honey, lemon in your diet could make a difference. Eating healthy food helps to support the cold sore recovery. As mentioned above, nutrition supports immunity, which helps with cold sore surges. It also gives you energy, improves your mood, and you sleep better, and all these factors are essential when you have cold sores. Some research says that lysine, which is an amino acid found in chicken, salmon, tofu and beans, etc., is also effective for cold sore infection.

What are the Worst Foods for Herpes?

Herpes causes cold sores, which are quite uncomfortable, and even aches as they cause itching and blisters. Just like certain food helps in reducing inflammation, there are few food items that will cause additional uneasiness. Acidic and spicy foods and carbonated drinks can aggravate the cold sore and cause irritation. Food items such as citrus fruits, juices, tomatoes, and salad dressing that contains vinegar should be avoided till the outbreak settles. Arginine helps your body build protein, but too much quantity can trigger the herpes simplex virus. Therefore, when you are doing the treatment for herpes infection, it is essential to consult your doctor about the food intake.

There is no definite cure for herpes, but there is Valtrex 500 mg online or you can buy acyclovir 400mg online medication available, which helps in treating the virus along with it, maintaining a proper diet also proves to be an effective solution. It is sensible to check with a healthcare expert on how to manage your condition and dietary choices.