Treating Male-Pattern Hair Loss With Effective Medication & Help!

What is male pattern loss?

The most common type of diffuse thinning of the hair that results in balding, often found in adult males. The reason behind it, is due to the combination of androgens also known as hormones and a genetic predisposition. This condition is also characterized as androgenetic alopecia. As embarrassing as it sounds, the condition may further develop into dangerous-looking side effects to your body, because of regular intake of medication. This condition is characterized by receding hairlines and hair loss on the top as well as the front of the head. A very similar type of hair loss is also found in women which are termed as female pattern hair loss, which results in thinning hair on the mid-frontal area of the scalp. You would not have to struggle or search for hair therapists and doctors, but lookout for the right medication and the right partner who can deliver you with the medication.

What is the reason behind this condition?

An inherited condition that is caused by genetically determined sensitivity due to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in some areas of your scalp. Dihydrotestosterone is a condition that shortens the growth, the phase of your hair cycle, from usual duration in a period between 3-6 years to even stretching to weeks or months. This happens due to the miniaturization of the follicles and progressively produces less fine hairs. The production of DHT is caused by enzymes that are termed as 5-alpha reductase. Different genes involved accounting from various age of onset, severity and pattern of hair loss in the family, etc.

Even though the condition is said to be treated with an effective solution, there’s still a lot more that evolves around the treatment method. Keeping in mind that these medications need to be taken regularly is the most important aspect. But, what is the right medication? And, who can provide you with it? Propecia is an effective medication suggested by many doctors for patients suffering from hair loss conditions.

The medication certainly contains finasteride to be referred to as its active ingredient. It basically consists of a synthetic 4- azasteroid compound that’s the foremost specific inhibitor of the steroid that’s called the Type II 5a- reduction. It is characterized as an intracellular enzyme that helps in converting the androgen testosterone into 5a- dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

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