What is Lovegra?

Lovegra also called female Viagra, is a Viagra variation especially crafted for women. It holds sildenafil citrate as its active chemical core. It helps in reducing vaginal dryness in women and let them have a blissful sexual life. This is the far best medicine discovered to treat sexual issues in women.

How does Lovegra work?

The chemical component shared by this medicine is similar to that of Viagra used by men to treat erectile dysfunction which is sildenafil citrate. It is a PDE5 inhibitor class of medicine. The PDE5 enzyme is responsible for keeping arteries flexible and also regulating the flow of blood to the vaginal muscles. As long as the vaginal muscles are provided with enough blood, they will stay active and flexible. It also helps in accelerating the lubrication process. Ultimately, it helps women to have sexual encounters without any pain or discomfort.

How long does Female Viagra take to work?

The time taken by the medicine varies from one woman to another. It is recommended to take the Lovegra almost an hour before getting engaged in sexual activity. To make the drug work, sexual stimulation – visually or physically – is quite important. If all these criteria are fulfilled, the medicine takes less than 10 to 15 minutes to start working on the issue.

How long does the effect of Lovegra last?

The half-life of medicine is 4 to 5 hours. In simple words, the drug stays active in your system approximately 4 to 5 hours. One pill at the time of lovemaking can keep you going for hours. You must take one pill at a time and the second dosage should be consumed after 24 hours.

What is an ideal dosage?

Before you Lovegra online, we recommend you consult with a doctor. Dosing pattern needs to be designed by your doctor. Generally, Lovegra 100mg is the best dose that works almost for all women dealing with sexual issues. However, if you are dealing with health issues or trying the drug for the first time, you can start the treatment with a low dose of Female Viagra.

How to consume Lovegra?

Lovegra medicine is available in the form of hard pills. You need to swallow the Lovegra pill as a whole with a large glass of water. Do not break or crush the pill as it affects the effectiveness of the medicines. It is not recommended to take the drug with alcohol, alcoholic beverages or fruit juices especially grapefruit juice. Combining the drug with alcohol causes low blood pressure while taking it with grapefruit juice causes delayed results.

How can I improve results with Lovegra or female Viagra?

To get improved results with this amazing medicine, you need to follow some rules. Never take the drug with fatty meals. Fats present in the food curbs absorption of the medicine and thus slow down its working. As mentioned earlier, never combine Lovegra online with other medicines especially nitrate-containing medicines, alcohol and grapefruit juice.

What if I miss a dose?

You won’t be able to have a smooth intimate act. You must remember to consume the drug before getting intimate with your partner.

What if I overdose?

Overdosage is not a good idea as it leads to severe side effects. In some cases, medical treatment is required to get rid of those severe aftermaths caused due to overdosing.

What are the side effects?

Before you get Lovegra online, you must discuss the pros and cons of medicine. It is vital to know about its side effects along with its positive effects. Once you get familiar with the aftermaths it has to offer, you will find it easier to deal with them once they show up.

Mild side effects with Lovegra are:

• Headache
• Facial reddening
• Runny nose
• Stomach upset
• Nausea

Severe side effects are:

These side issues stay for a short span of time and are harmless.
• Allergic reactions
• Breathlessness
• Chest pain
• Hives
On the occurrence of any of these side effects, stop using the drug and seek medical help immediately. If you develop allergic reactions to this medicine, it is better to seek an alternative.

What to discuss with a doctor before getting Lovegra online?

Before you buy Lovegra online, you must tell your doctor if you had allergic reactions with sildenafil citrate containing medicines. If yes, then you might need to look for other alternatives for treating your conditions. Also, tell your doctor about your medical history and the current status of your health. If you are suffering from cardiac issues or high blood pressure or kidney/liver ailments, you need to discuss the pros and cons before getting Lovegra online.

Can I drive post-consumption of Lovegra?

No. The medicine makes you a little dizzy or drowsy and therefore we strictly recommend not driving a vehicle or operating or using any machinery that demands your undivided attention.

Which medicines interfere with Lovegra?

Before you buy Lovegra, you must tell your doctor if you are using certain medicines already or planning to do so. If you are on nitrate drugs, you need to keep a time gap of at least a few hours between the administration of Lovegra and nitrate meds. Drugs such as Azole antifungals, beta-blockers etc., need to be taken under medical supervision to seize better results with Lovegra online.

How to store Lovegra?

The pills get damaged or lost their effectiveness when exposed to moisture and direct sunlight. To extend its shelf-life, it is advised to keep Lovegra online at a cool and dry place.