What is erectile dysfunction?

In simple words, it is an inability to develop an erection during intimate moments. It could be temporary or it might stay with you throughout your life. This happens when the arteries in the penile region are unable to carry required amount of blood to the male organ and thus an erection cannot be formed. This process is influenced by several factors such as chemicals or hormones. Health issues such as cardiac issues or high blood pressure and diabetes can affect healthy arteries hindering flow of blood.

How does Generic Levitra work?

Impotence treatment with Generic Levitra ensures great results. The medicine is fortified with Vardenafil. It works on chemicals and helps in restoring the balance. It encourages the production of nitric oxide. This chemical is known to relax the arteries and keeps them flexible enough to carry ample amount of blood. And this only happens under the influence of sexual stimulation. You need to take Generic Levitra 20mg about 30 minutes prior to getting engaged in an intimate act. The effect lasts longer than Viagra and stays active for up to 5 hours.

What is the ideal dosage?

Generally, dosage pattern depends on the severity of the issue and your medical status. Though Generic Levitra 20mg is harmless, it might cause certain side effects if you are having health issues. You need to speak with your doctor in regards to the dosing pattern and then Buy Generic Levitra online. The tablet needs to be gulped down as a whole without breaking or crushing it. Take it with water and ensure that you will be getting enough sexual stimulation to make this drug work in your favor.

Can I take online Generic Levitra with grapefruit juice or alcohol?

Impotence treatment with Generic Levitra ensures great results if you are willing to follow certain precautions. Consuming this medicine with alcohol tends to cause a drop in the blood pressure and you may need to get medical help to calm the symptoms down. On the other hand, grapefruit juice delays the absorption of Generic Levitra 20mg pills which further delays the result.

What if I miss a dose?

You cannot afford to miss the dosage as you will be left with no erection. Keep Generic Levitra 20mg pills handy and pop in one before getting intimate with your partner.

What if I overdose?

Over dosage is related to severe side effects and one should avoid it regardless. Take the prescribed dosage and stick to it in order to get safer and better results.

Can I drive post consumption of drug?

This medicine tends to make one sleepy or dizzy for a while and thus it is not recommended to drive a vehicle or function with machinery post consumption of the drug.

What are the side effects?

Before you Buy Generic Levitra online, you need to do a little research on the medicine. This medicine, like all other drugs in the market, prone to develop side effects. If your doctor has recommended this medicine and has asked you to buy generic Levitra online then it is because he thinks the benefits surpass side issues. However, it is better to learn about side issues cast by this anti-ED drug.
Mild side effects are:
• Headache
• Stuffy or runny nose
• Dizziness
• Indigestion
Severe side effects are:
• Vision changes
• Allergic reactions
• Severe dizziness
• Painful erection that stays longer
On the occurrence of serious side effects, you need to get immediate medical help.

What are the precautions?

Before starting Impotence treatment with Generic Levitra, you needed to understand this is a chemically loaded medicine and thus it might cause certain health issues in you. To avoid these problems, you must follow precautionary measures. These are:
• Before you buy Generic Levitra online, you must tell your doctor if you have developed allergic reactions with any other PDE5 blocker medicine in the past.
• If you are already dealing with health issues such as cardiovascular disorders, liver or kidney issues, you need to be extra careful while being on this medication.
• It is recommended to consult a doctor before getting Generic Levitra 20mg.
• This medicine might make you feel a bit dizzy or it may cause a condition called QT prolongation which means it might disturb your heart rhythm.
• If you have any surgery (including dental procedures), tell your doctor about it and then buy Generic Levitra online.

Which medicines interfere with Generic Cialis?

Generic Levitra 20mg medicine belongs to the class of PDE5 inhibitors and it has a tendency to interact with the drugs belonging to its own class. If you are taking any alpha blocker drug, you may experience low blood pressure when you consume this medicine. Medicines such as Azole antifungals might affect the removal process of Vardenafil from your body. Certain antibiotics such as macrolide class of antibiotics might interfere with Generic Levitra 20mg.

How can I store Generic Levitra?

You need to store Generic Levitra 20mg pills at a dry place. Protect the medicine from direct sunlight and moisture.

Where can I buy it?

You can Buy Generic Levitra online or you can get it from local pharmacies as well. However, to get the medicine at a cheaper price, it is better to source it from online pharmacies.

Is Generic Levitra right for me?

Generic Levitra 20mg is the drug for you if you are struggling with attaining erection or keeping it going for required period of time during an intimate act.