Everything you must know about Generic Latisse

published on: 07/25/21

If you are looking for a solution to have longer eyelashes naturally, then Generic Latisse in Australia can be your best choice for your eyelash trouble. Though the first right of this eye care solution, Bimatoprost is to treat hypertensive pressure on the eyes, it has proven to be the most effective key to long, thick, and healthy eyelashes. Being an FDA-approved eye care medicine, you can get this product by the name Bimatoprost eyelash growth serum online. The solution is one of the top-selling medications that also helps to treat the burning of the eyes. This is because it is used by several makeup professionals in the fashion domain.

generic latisse online

How does Generic Latisse work?

Generic Latisse is also known as Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin medication usually used to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Due to effective eyelash growth, it is widely used as a cosmetic rather than just eye medication. It is said to cure eyelashes’ hypotrichosis by boosting their growth in terms of measurements, and thickness. Though the exact mechanism of the medication is unknown, it is said to increase the hair percent along with the duration of the anagen or growth phase.

What are the key benefits of using Generic Latisse Australia?

•   As mentioned above, it plays a major role in controlling the glaucoma progression.

•   It effectively takes care of the hypertensive pressure on the eyes.

•   It upsurges the aqueous liquid discharge from the eyes and decreases intraocular compression.

•   In 2006, this medication was approved by FDA to enhance the growth of eyelashes.

What is the process of application?

At the start, use generic Latisse Australia once a day and make it a part of your daily routine. In case you miss out on a day, do not try to catch up. Make sure to only take one drop of it per day. Applying in out of proportion can cause some irritation. Remember to keep it handy along with your skincare routine. It requires patience as the effect start to happen more than a month.

You can apply in the morning or evening, any of which is more suitable for you. Though experts suggest using it in the morning as it may stay longer than rolling around the pillow at night. Also, if you’re applying the drop in the morning, it is suggested to put on your eye cream and concealer first, then apply generic Latisse. Once it dries up, only then use your eyeliner. It is easy to apply and usually gives results in the period of 8-12 weeks.

Is generic Latisse Australia safe to use?

Generic Latisse is safe to use as long as you have got healthy eyes which means you have no eye infections or glaucoma. If you’re unsure about your eye health, it is better to check up with your eye doctor and consult for Latisse. It is essential to comprehend that generic Latisse Australia is not for all. It is a prescribed medication, therefore; you need to consult a doctor who can prescribe it. While using it, if you experience any irritation or side effects of the medication, then immediately stop the usage and call your eye doctor.

Where can I buy Generic Latisse online?

Generic Latisse can be prescribed by your local dermatologist. It is available in pharmacy stores. There are a few reliable online pharmacy stores like GenericPanda.com that offer authentic bimatoprost eyelash growth serum online at a cost-effective price. You can also buy Latanoprost online, an alternative eye medication for glaucoma quite similar to bimatoprost.

Alternative products as effective as Latisse

Though several companies are producing similar products, and they have been somewhat successful in lengthening the eyelashes. But it is vital to note that not a single product is FDA approved and as effective as generic Latisse Australia.