Can Good Night Sleep Boost Your Immunity?

published on: 08/18/21

The most important aspect for your body’s immune system to function smoothly is to ensure that your body has got the chance to rest and recover from the day. Scientists around the world have proven that an adequate amount of sleep is crucial for maintaining good health but tactlessly, not all people associate with this thought. Though there are medications such as modafinil online available to help deal with excessive sleepiness disorder, it is vital to understand the importance of sleep for our own health. 

Amongst the rising workload and late-night culture, the significance of good sleep is often put on the back burner. This concern is much pertinent in the current COVID-19 pandemic because people are working from home. 


Insomnia and its effects

Insomnia is a sleep illness in which the individual is incapable of falling asleep. It may show a few symptoms such as feeling drowsy and exhausted throughout the day, feeling irritated, and cannot focus on one thing. As per the doctor’s recommendation, you can buy armodafinil online. Constant absence of sleep can upsurge the danger of overweightness, diabetes, and heart diseases. Sleep is essential for a proper immune response and to avoid body vulnerability to infection and illness.


Sleep helps Strengthen Immunity

T helper cells in your body are the cells that help us fight the invading bacteria or any foreign antigen as they are a part of our body’s defense system. Poor quality sleep hampers the immune response whereas having a good sleep improves the T helper cells’ efficiency. So whenever, a foreign pathogen barge into our system, the immunity cells in our body releases a protein by the name integrin. This protein binds with the foreign pathogen and destroys it. 

As per the research done, T helper cells are known to activate integrin protein and it plays a major role in identifying the aspects that can compromise the T cells efficiency level. Hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, or prostaglandins are identified to disturb the T helper cells merging with integrin. They are the stress hormones that are found to increase especially when there is a lack of sleep. Getting a proper amount of sleep keeps these hormones at bay and enables to boost the T cells efficiency thus improving the immune response of the body. 

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