Bipolar Depression : About & Treatment With Armodafinil Medication

published on: 01/2/21

Armodafinil 150mg

A mental illness due to extreme shifts in mood can include symptoms of an extremely elevated mood termed as mania. This mood disorder causes heavy episodes of depression. Bipolar disorder is also termed as bipolar disease or manic depression, and people struggling with bipolar disorder undergo trouble managing life tasks at work or even at school. This disorder may also cause trouble in maintaining relationships. Treating this sort of disorder is the most important thing to do, as it may cause mental illness that may not be treated by medication or treatment. The use of Armodafinil 150mg, has been used and proved to be the best medication for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder. 

There aren’t any fixed medications for this disorder but it involves many treatment options that can help in the management of the symptoms. Bipolar disorder that gives birth to depression lasts at least for two weeks. A person that is going through a high manic episode can go through this disorder for many days or even for weeks. For a few patients, this experience will consist of changes in mood several times in a year while others may experience the same on a rare basis. Further with this article, we will help you understand the symptoms and causes of Bipolar Disorder. 

Symptoms Involved In This Disorder 

Three main symptoms that can occur with bipolar disorder are Mania, Hypomania, Depression. While struggling with Bipolar Disorder and experiencing Mania, may feel an emotional high, excited, euphoric, and impulsive, also full of energy. During this episode they mal also engage in behavior like Spending sprees, drug use, unprotected sex, etc.

While struggling with Bipolar Disorder II and experiencing hypomania, it isn’t as severe as mania and may not result in any trouble at work or in relationships. However, those struggling with this condition may notice changes in their mood. 

While struggling with Bipolar Disorder and experiencing depression, you may go through a loss of energy, hopelessness, lack of interest in activities that once were enjoyed, periods of too little or too much sleep, suicidal thoughts. Although this condition isn’t that rare, it still can be hard to diagnose because of its various symptoms. 

Types of Bipolar Disorder For You To Know

Bipolar I

Defined by the appearance of at least one manic episode, and may experience hypomanic or major depressive episodes during and after the manic episode. It mainly affects men and women equally. 

Bipolar II

A person going through this stage may experience one major depressive stage that may/will last for at least two weeks. They may also experience hypomanic episodes that last about four days. It is said to be more common in women.


People with this condition may experience both hypomania and depression at the same time. These symptoms have a shorter and decreased amount of severity than that of the mania and depression caused by bipolar I or bipolar II disorder. They may experience it for a month or two at once when their mood is stable.

What are the Causes of Bipolar Disorder?

Environmental reasons can be one of the causes of Bipolar Disorder. It does not count what is in your body that can make you more likely to develop this disorder, it generally flows outside the disorder that may contribute to the factor. These factors may include traumatic experiences, extreme stress, physical illness, etc.

Another reason may be Genetics. If your parents or your sibling have this disorder, you are more likely to undergo the same condition. It makes it really important to keep in mind that most people going through this disorder don’t really develop it. 

The structure of your brain may impact your risk for the disease, Certain abnormalities in the structure or in the functionality of your brain may increase the risk of Bipolar Disorder.

Nootropic medication is a class of drugs that helps in the enhancement of memory and also in boosting cognitive functioning. The amino acid gamma-aminobutyric acid, GABA is used for the prevention and for treatment of Bipolar Disorder and other such mental disorders, giving complete treatment and relief from sudden and certain mental attacks.

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