How did Bimatoprost Eye Drop come into the picture?

The eyelash growth serum was invented to treat an eye disorder called glaucoma. During one of the clinical trials, scientists observed that the solution is enhancing eyelash growth in subjects. In a nutshell, the medicine was sent back for more research and then it was released back as an eyelash growth solution. Since then, it was open for sale and women Buy Bimatoprost online to get thicker lashes. In today’s date, this serum has gained a huge fan base. It is not only useful in getting thicker and longer lashes but it is also useful in growing eyebrow hairs as well.

How does Bimatoprost eyelash serum work?

The exact mechanism of action is in the dark till date. Various studies were done to find out the exact way of working the serum. These findings have suggested that this Bimatoprost eyelash serum might work on the hair growth cycle especially on the telogen phase or resting phase of the cycle. When you apply the serum at the base of the lashes, it penetrates the hair follicle and it interferes with the hair growth cycle. The solution keeps lash hair in the telogen phase for longer and thus helps in making them thicker and longer. Regular use of serum helps in speed up the process.

What is the ideal bimatoprost ophthalmic solution dosage?

There is no such dosage as it is to be applied externally but it comes in bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%. However, one must not use it in excess amount as it should not get into the eyes. The serum bottle comes with an applicator. You need to dip the applicator in the serum and apply it at the base of the lash. It is pretty much similar to applying mascara. Leave it overnight and repeat the process on a daily basis before hitting the bed. It is important to remove eye makeup completely before using this solution. Any traces of makeup might interact with generic Latisse causing unpleasant effects.

What if I miss a bimatoprost lash serum dose?

Generally, it is okay to miss it but you must know that if you are not regular in using generic Latisse Australia, you may not get desired results in the stipulated time period. It is beneficial to use Latisse (Bimatoprost) on a daily basis.

What if I overdose?

Using generic Latisse eyelash growth serum in an excess amount leads to severe side effects. You might need to take medical help to get rid of those aftermaths. Therefore, using the prescribed amount of bimatoprost australia is beneficial in the long run.

What are the side effects of bimatoprost Eyelash Serum?

Before you buy Latisse online, you need to educate yourself about the side effects this serum has to offer. Being a chemical-laden eyelash growth solution, it is bound to deliver a few negative effects or side issues along with the desired outcome. Generic Latisse eyelash growth solution causes mild and severe side effects. The latter develop in rare cases or in cases where a user uses an excess amount of serum or uses it while being on other eye drops.

Mild side effects are:

• Reddening of the eyes
• Eye discomfort
• Itching
• Dryness
• Eyelid redness

Severe side effects are:

• Serious allergic reactions
• Eye pain
• Eye infection
• Vision changes

What are the precautions?

• If you have been allergic to eye medicines such as latanoprost, travoprost which are similar to Generic Latisse, chances are you might develop allergic reactions with this eyelash growth serum.
• If you are suffering from issues such as glaucoma, or eye infection or other eye disorders, you need to talk to your doctor before you buy Bimatoprost online.
• If you develop an eye issue or infection while being on this eyelash growth serum, you need to talk to your doctor regarding using a new bottle.
• Pregnant women need to be extra careful about using this eyelash growth serum.
• It is not known whether this serum gets into breast milk. Therefore, lactating mothers need to speak with their doctor prior to using this eyelash growth solution.
• If you are having an eye surgery schedule, do let your doctor know about it before you buy Latisse online for eyelash growth.

Which medicines interfere with Bimatoprost?

It is pretty much possible that the medicines you are currently on might interfere with generic Latisse and vice versa. You need to tell your doctor if you are using eye drops similar to Bimatoprost. If you are using any eye drops, you must tell your doctor about it. Not only medicines but makeup products do interfere with the working of Bimatoprost. Therefore, it is important to remove the makeup completely before using this eyelash growth product.

How can I store Generic Latisse?

This eyelash growth serum comes in a handy bottle. Keep the bottle in a dry place. Direct sunlight might affect the effectiveness of generic Latisse eyelash growth serum and thus it should be kept away from sunlight. Do not keep the bottle within the reach of children.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy Bimatoprost (generic Latisse) online easily. There are several internet pharmacies that sell this serum at affordable prices. It is easy to buy generic Latisse in Australia from local drugstore as well but buying online will benefit you in terms of price without compromising on quality. Generic variation is inexpensive as compared to the branded counterpart.