3 Important things to know about Glaucoma

published on: 02/13/21

Glaucoma is an eye illness that affects your eye’s optic nerve. If not treated soon, it might get worse over time. It is said to build pressure inside your eye, and to keep it under control you can buy bimatoprost online, which manages the eye pressure. This intraocular pressure in your eye can damage the nerve that propels pictures to your brain. Glaucoma is an eye disease that usually runs in families and often happens in the later stages of your life. If it gets worse, it can cause permanent loss of eyesight or total blindness in few years.

Generally, the people who suffer from glaucoma do not face any early symptoms or pain. Therefore, it is recommended to visit an ophthalmologist on a regular basis, to detect and treat glaucoma or any eye disease, which can affect your vision in the long term. For treating glaucoma, it is essential to reduce eye pressure, which will help retain your sight. You can use bimatoprost or order latanoprost online, which are eye drop medications that help you treat glaucoma. Once detected, it’s permanent, but it can be controlled through early treatment. A dilated eye test is important for early discovery.

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What are the Symptoms of Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a silent eye illness that does not often show any warning signs or symptoms in the early stage. It usually affects your peripheral vision at the beginning, so till the time the patient detects vision failure; it has reached a severe stage. Therefore, an early eye exam is essential. Some people suffering from glaucoma might experience severe eye pain or headache, red-eye, see halos or rainbows, nausea or vomiting. Such circumstances need emergent care. Consult an eye doctor as soon as you notice symptoms such as loss of side vision, blur or foggy eyesight, unable to adjust into darker rooms, switching glasses frequently, etc. These symptoms are not always caused due to glaucoma, but an early discovery will slow the progress of the disease.


What are the risk factors?

1. Age is the number one risk factor in developing glaucoma disease. Especially the people who are above 50 years should have an annual dilated eye exam to detect early signs of the disease.

2. Glaucoma is hereditary, which increases the risk of glaucoma if your family has this eye disease history, particularly the first-degree relative such as parent or sibling.

3. Society can also be a risk factor for glaucoma as African American, or Hispanic and Asian inheritance have a high risk of developing glaucoma.

4. If you have high eye pressure, then it also raises the danger of eye damage.

5. Vasospasm, hypertension, diabetes, and migraine are specific conditions that also increase the risk for glaucoma.

6. Apart from the above factors, eye injury or long-term treatment with steroids is also a high-risk factor.


How is Glaucoma treated?

Glaucoma treatment is all about slowing or stopping the progression of the disease. It is usually done in multiple ways on the type and stage of the disease. Eye medications are the first line of treatment for it. So, you can either buy bimatoprost online or order latanoprost online as both are an effective treatment for decreasing eye pressure and the fluid it produces. If it does not react to the eye medications, then your doctor might recommend surgical techniques such as trabeculectomy, or invasive glaucoma surgery. Laser therapy, such as laser trabeculoplasty improves the drainage system’s functioning. Always remember that medication or surgical treatment has benefits and risks as well. Clarify with your surgeon the future benefits and the possible threat or complications.

With the right treatment, you can protect your vision in the near future. For medications such as bimatoprost eye drops price in Australia or any other part of the world, do visit our website.